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This article is on Josh Shape, one of Hell on Earth's lead directors.  For the character from the anime, please see Xero.

"I feel the world does not have to be as harsh as it is, and my beliefs share this. Yes I think World Peace is possible with a few simple changes...but I know that it wont happen. I hope that in another lifetime..we will wake up and see how clueless we really are."
~Joshua Shape
Joshua Shape is one of the two lead directors of Hell on Earth. He enjoys video games and anime, and likes to improve the things that he loves.


Joshua is a very friendly person, but has to open up to people. Some people see him as weird, but his friends have learned to accept him for who he is. However, others haven't, and most think he is "stupid" or "crazy". He has ADHD, and he can get very excited, but he does a good job of hiding it.

Joshua is very mature, but he is also a pervert. Thankfully, he knows how to keep his perversion to himself, but some of it slips through the cracks. He takes some things a little too seriously, from jokes and sarcasm to his roleplay chats and obsession with cat girls.


Joshua is a casual gamer and anime fan, and often spends all of his time on the computer. Though he owns a lot of anime merchandise, he actually doesn't watch much anime, and absolutely hates weeaboos. He dislikes school, but mainly because of the people, and not because of the school itself. Along with this, he dislikes hipsters, as well as "American" animes.