"It was nice to be the hero, even if for a day."
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This article is on Joseph Bigham, one of Hell on Earth's lead directors.  For the character from the anime, please see Xavier Boros.

"I have a vivid imagination, and fiction is a place where I can set it free. I can be who I want to be, and do what I want to do."
~Joseph Bigham

Joseph Bigham is one of the two lead directors of Hell on Earth. He likes to play video games and express himself, and likes to be in the driver's seat of any creative project.


Joseph may be rough around the edges, but he tries to be as kind as possible to anyone who is kind to him. He does not like a lot of attention, but does a good job at hiding it, excluding his blushing. Some have described him as "charming" or "dashing". Others describe him as a "no life" or a "prick". Either which way, how people treat him and act around him often determines how he treats them and how he acts around them.

Joseph may not always act it, but he is very mature (in more ways in one) and his attitude reflects it. He is very creative, often not just thinking outside the box, but sometimes trashing the box entirely. He often finds himself to be the voice of reason, as well as the most serious in a conversation. He abhors arguments, and likes to avoid debates.


Joseph is a hardcore casual gamer and a creative thinker, and if you don't see him with a controller in his hand or a pad and pencil, he's often lost in his thoughts. Since he's 18, he's still a student. Though he will never drop out of school, he dislikes common core, and in most cases can't wait to go home. He often likes to be quietly rebellious, going against conformity without making a ruckus. He's a very loud speaker, yet doesn't mean to be; this is likely because he is often surrounded by loud and rambunctious people at his school.

As for his beliefs, he is often neutral. He allows others to practice their beliefs, just so long as they don't intrude upon his own, and prefers to keep his own to himself. He does, however, draw the line when people's actions defy nature or humanity.