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The Hell on Earth Project (WORKING NAME) is a project started by Joseph Bigham and Josh Shape in an attempt to create the best non-mainstream anime possible. Since it's in the idea phase, this anime may change drastically over time.
"Hold on, Xavier! Are we actually f***ing doing this?!"
"Hell... f***ing... yes!
While the anime is still in its brainstorming phase, The Hell on Earth Project Anime WILL BE MADE!
"If anyone deserves that title, it's you."
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Meet Nick Smith, the destructive, spell slinging runeblade who loves pizza, video games, and killing baddies!

What is the Hell on Earth Project?

The Hell on Earth Project is a project started by Joseph Bigham and Josh Shape in an attempt to create the best anime possible by breaking anime norms and straying away from the traditional premises of anime.

How you can help

Though we cannot accept cash donations or hire staff as of yet, you can still help us out by submitting ideas! See the Idea Submission Guidelines and Formatting Guidelines for more information. Please note that your ideas may be edited and may not be accepted! Also note that by contributing to this wiki, Joseph Bigham (JBYT LoadedTommy) and Josh Shape (Elektronikcraft) reserve the right to use your ideas as their own, and claim them as their own if they do so wish. Do not submit copyrighted content you do not own to the wiki!

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